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ZCloud.shop focuses on Greenhouse Horticulture, it is the largest supplier of greenhouse equipment and horticultural materials in China. We provide complete supply chain solutions for greenhouse builders and growers. At ZCloud.shop, you can get products with the best quality and price. We develop and manufacture more suitable products by deep communication with growers and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to export products and services to the mainland of China and other international regions such as Asia, South America, Europe etc.

Our core business

ZCloud focuses on the whole industrial chain service in the field of greenhouse engineering construction and planting. In addition to zcloud.shop, we also have a vertical e-commerce platform (www.growers.cn) which focuses on modern facility agriculture, and has a precise user group on multiple online social platforms.We carefully integrated nearly 100 professional media in the industry (plane+network+mobile end), and has maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time. We can achieve good results and transformation for accuracy, professionalism and coverage .

We can help you select suitable dealers, dock sale details, develop markets, connect with exhibitions and activities in China.
Relying on the founder's 20-year industry accumulation and professional team's industry background, resources cover the whole system. Including large-scale planting parks, professional associations, sales channel platforms, financial institutions, scientific research institutions, colleges and many front-line enterprise distributors, etc. With extensive and in-depth channel integration, market analysis, expert consultants and other advantages and rich project implementation experience.

We can help you investigate and analyze product market potential, application; market placement and share of similar products, etc. We can also provide basic matching information and relevant information such as enforceability of the project landing.
ZCloud is invested by many well-known enterprises in the industry, including Richland Sources. Relying on 20 years’ accumulation, we have a very professional and in-depth understanding of the development with protected horticulture in China. Whether the subdivision of professional fields, the precise docking of advantageous resources, or the judgment of emerging formats and markets, it has a perfect and efficient evaluation and execution system to help enterprises and products connect with the market quickly.

We can help you dock and purchase greenhouse materials, equipment and other related products in China, dock all or part of the project, customized services.
ZCloud focuses on the vertical field of modern facility agriculture and is committed to creating online + offline value-added services. We select and integrate supply chain resources that have a certain business scale in the industry and can provide high-quality products. A team of professional consultants of greenhouse engineering and planting, to achieve standardization + quality + customization, to create a leading supply chain service model in the field of facility horticulture. In the cooperation with manufacturers and factories, ZCloud has established a complete quality control system and processes.


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